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My Story

I was born and raised in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and now live in Toronto, Canada. I'm very passionate about contributing to reducing gambling harms in the UK and bringing my knowledge and experience from the Canadian mental health and addictions sector.


I hold a Master’s degree in Psychology and currently work as an Education Specialist, specialising in providing training to mental health and addictions professionals about gambling, gaming and problem technology use. Before this, I worked for many years supporting and teaching young people experiencing social, emotional and mental issues and learning difficulties/exceptionalities in the UK. I have a passion for research, knowledge translation and providing accessible education. I believe it’s crucial to centre inclusion, equity and diversity into my work, with a particular focus on reducing stigma for individuals experiencing problem gambling.


I identify as an individual with lived experience of affected other harms, including alcohol use, gambling behaviour and mental health concerns. I am also passionate about highlighting the harmful effects of the gambling industry on the animals involved in racing; when I was younger rescued an ex-racehorse with my family who was in our care for 17 years, and I'm now a proud dog mum to Midas, the greyhound.


I’m excited to contribute to the great work of the team at Gambling Harm UK as a trustee. I’m so proud to be part of an organisation that centres the voices of people with lived/living experiences of gambling, and together I know we can make meaningful change.

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