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Our journey to becoming a registered charity...

We’re proud of how far we’ve come but we’ve got to go further. We’re looking for people to join us and help us achieve even more meaningful impact towards tackling gambling-harm.

April 2020

Ryan is joined by Chris & Kelly for the very first 'All Bets Are Off!' podcast. In this episode we discuss topics including women in gambling addiction recovery and the want to continue breaking down barriers. In the second part of the podcast we talk about celebrity endorsements of gambling companies and the extent of gambling advertising in English football.


August 2020

Gambling Harm UK successfully works with Geeky Medics (one of the largest Medical Education platforms) to embed gambling as part of a range of medical education articles


October 2020

Gambling Harm UK releases a groundbreaking review that raises attention that gambling harm has repeatedly been shown to disproportionately affect individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds. Despite a consistent picture since 2007, a dedicated quantitative analysis of this topic area has only taken place through the YouGov study of 'Gambling among adults from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities: a secondary data analysis of the Gambling Treatment and Support study' published in December 2020.

January 2021

Gambling Harm UK publishes results from a survey of 133 individuals with lived experience to have a say towards the Gambling Commission’s call for evidence into remote customer interactions


March 2021

Co-launched the 'Preventing Gambling Harms in Diverse Communities Initiative' following speaking out about disproportionate harms in ethnic minority communities that has been consistently evidenced by Gambling Commission since 2007 and more recently through GambleAware/YouGov


April 2021

Gambling Harm UK helped directly facilitate and remove barriers for over twenty individuals with lived experience to have their independent say across over the 45 questions asked through the Gambling Act Review: Call for Evidence


July 2021

The All Bets Are Off Charity Football Event brings the gambling harms/recovery community together for the first time for a charity football game between the community and the Peoples FC which raised £2370 for NHS Northern Gambling Service, Gamvisory's Hardship Fund and Rosie's Legs 

November 2021

Gambling Harm UK uncover the Gambling Commission’s statistics on Affected Other Harms in Young People which were published as part of the Young Person’s Gambling Report 2020 but have now been omitted out of public access


November 2021

We become a charity and we shorten our name to 'Gambling Education Network' before changing our name to 'Gambling Harm UK'


July 2020

Incorporated as TalkGEN Ltd


September 2020

The All Bets Are Off podcast kick-off series two with our Gambling Harm Among The Student Population episode. Our first guest is Bray Ash, an individual recovering from a gambling addiction who once gambled his whole student loan within 24 hours. In the second part of the show we welcome the founder of Deal Me Out, Jordan Lea. Within this section we learn more about the tactics of land-based casinos and how they attempt to snare university students.


November 2020


We incorporate as a community interest company and become TalkGEN C.I.C


January 2021

It's the moment you've all been waiting for... we're back! Season three of the All Bets Are Off podcast is here and returning to your ear drums each week for the next few months. We start with an episode that centres specifically around addiction to online slot machines.


March 2021

Gambling Harm UK collaborated with Future Proof Project C.I.C to create the most comprehensive review on gambling harm to date. In addition to shedding light on critical matters pertaining to the Gambling Act Review, 'Gambling Explained' hopes to validate the significance and role of emerging lived experience voices, particularly those of affected others, in driving change


June 2021

Our first episode of season 4 pays homage to The Big Step’s campaign walk from Scotland to Wembley Stadium which starts on Friday 4th June. We are joined by two integral members of the team that have helped to organise the event, Tom Fleming and Emily Beck. Alongside them, we speak with Chris Hulse who will also be taking part in the gruelling 300+ mile walk in its entirety. Later in the show, we welcome the man charged to get the event on camera, investigate journalist Alexi Phillips.


October 2021

Gambling Harm UK would like to encourage individuals with lived experience to join us, to engage and support efforts towards a robust, appropriate, and impactful set of NICE guidelines. For more information, see here


November 2021

As part of the novel Preventing Gambling Harm in Diverse Communities initiative, we commissioned Fully Focussed & Million Youth Media to produce ‘Do it for her’ – a film to highlight gambling harm in diverse communities


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