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YouTube Casino Streamers

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Until April 2019 and the two-pound cap on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, I had never played an online slot machine. Don’t get me wrong, I played an awful lot of online blackjack and dabbled in roulette too, but never had I spun a virtual slot with my own money. But from the very day that I could no longer max-spin £100 on the roulette in the bookies, I began plotting as to where I could find my next regular hit, and that’s what led to my online slots.

Although I had encountered problems with fruit machines in my younger days, I was never really drawn to slots. Looking back now, it’s probably because I imagined that the stakes would be too low for me (how wrong that would later prove), and so I just always avoided them, except for the occasional time when I got offered free spins and nothing much ever came of them.

A couple of days after the FOBT cap was introduced, I began researching gambling streams on YouTube and came across ‘Chipmonkz Slots’ and some other streamers, and I quickly became enamoured with it all. I saw the sums of money that could be won playing £2-£5 stakes and thought I’d give it a bash myself. I didn’t rush into straight away mind; I wrote a short list of games out that I had enjoyed watching them play before I set off on my maiden voyage.

Much like my first interaction with an FOBT, my experience was a positive one – within 35 spins on a £2 stake, I landed a bonus on a game called Danger High Voltage and won over £1800. And from that moment, I was hooked, and soon after, I would soon be spending £10-£20 per spin, and the frequency of it was like nothing I had ever experienced. At £20 stake, 50 spins (£1000) could be lost within two-and-a-half minutes, and although I often spun 4-digit sums at roulette tables, nothing came close to the thrill of hunting for bonuses. Online slots became all-consuming - if I wasn’t playing them myself, I would be watching streamers play them and gaining insights on new games etc.

Recently I spoke to writer and editor George Cooper regarding slot steamers and affiliate marketing for an article published earlier today.

Click here to see the article.


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