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Gambling Tactics

'Gambling Tactics' is an early and establishing first-of-its-kind repository of evidence surrounding the gambling industry's strategies and tactics to undermine public health. 

We, the research team at Gambling Harm UK, were inspired to investigate 'Gambling Tactics' following a review of the vitally important 'Tobacco Tactics'. As well as sharing a motivation around public health, our work here benefits from being inspired by the accessibility and research foci as seen in 'Tobacco Tactics'.

Similar to the tobacco industry, there are well-grounded concerns that gambling industry interference is the greatest barrier to progress in reducing gambling harm. 


Industry funding dominates Research, Education, and Treatment efforts. Sadly, efforts to meaningful implement a public health approach are prevented in the first place by the lack of efforts to identify, estimate or consider the years of healthy life lost due to gambling harm. And as such gambling harm continues to be a neglected public health issue whereby decision-makers are unable to appreciate and therefore take appropriate actions to address the significance of the gambling harm experienced by the population.

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