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Gambling Explained

The truth about gambling harm... and what the industry has had to say.

'Gambling Explained', among many other things, demonstrates that affected others are significantly harmed and yet often omitted from discussion and consideration, let alone action.


The authors of 'Gambling Explained' and submission to the Gambling Act Review, have a combined lived experience of affected other harms of over 25 years. They are particularly pleased to share 'Gambling Explained' as this piece has been written and funded independently.

"Harms in affected others challenge the industry in two ways.

First, measures to raise awareness and prevent gambling harms in individuals who do not gamble will reduce the appeal of gambling and contribute to its social unacceptability.

Second, the 'freedom to gamble' argument is confounded if individuals who do not gamble are harmed."

An extract from 'Gambling Explained' (Executive Summary).

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Gambling Explained as a deck:

Gambling Explained (full report):

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