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Our Team.

Every member of the Gambling Harm UK leadership team has lived experience of gambling harm, and we are all driven by a need to channel our experiences in a positive manner towards a greater good. The Gambling Harm UK team believe that our unique balance of lived and professional experiences help us to excel in all of our research and education efforts.

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I am what you would call an affected other. I've never been a gambler myself, but in my 25-year marriage, my husband gambled heavily over multiple years on and off. Sadly at the age of 50, my marriage is now over and I divorced my husband after he went into a spiral of online gambling during more
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George Ellis
Research Manager

Operational Team

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Ten years ago, I never thought I would be taking on a role to help increase awareness of the risks and harm associated with gambling.

Now I am an affected other as a consequence of my son more



Dr Kishan Patel
Chair of Trustees 

Kishan is a qualified medical doctor and a recent graduate of Imperial College London. He is one of the co-founders of the charity and formerly led the organisation as CEO for over 2 years without any financial or material benefit.

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I have personally experienced gambling harm, as well as alcohol dependence. I have been gamble free and sober since October 2017.

Since a child I have battled with my mental health. I started to drink and then later more

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I was born and raised in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and now live in Toronto, Canada. I'm very passionate about contributing to reducing gambling harms in the UK and bringing my knowledge and experience from the Canadian mental health and addictions sector... read more

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Lesley’s professional background is in Human Resource Management.


Lesley held senior management roles in Industry and within the NHS. In the latter part of her career she was Head of an Academic Department and the Director of the...

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I am an experienced policy professional who has worked on policy spanning across both central and local Government.


I currently work within the Police Integrity Unit at the Home Office developing and maintaining the framework for a police... read more

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