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Greater London and the Home Counties: lived experience workshops

Gambling Harm in young people in Greater London and the Home Counties

This prevention programme delivered free lived experience workshops to young people aged 14–24. The programme content involves an understanding of gambling, gambling harm and its consequences, industry related factors that influence gambling and harm such as advertising and the design of products, as well as information on the help and support available.
Our content also benefits from a socio-cultural and religious understanding on shame and stigma relating to gambling harms.
The most recent gold-standard gambling prevalence surveys, BGPS 2007 and BGPS 2010, found that Asian and Black ethnic groups were disproportionately affected by gambling disorders with an odds ratio of around 3x relative to White ethnic groups.

Our Results

4.2 💡

The average rating of confidence in attendees across six key learning objectives went from 2.8 to 4.2 in a five-point Likert scale where three represents neither agree nor disagree and five represents strongly agree 

4.4 ⭐

Gambling Harm UK facilitators are consistently highly rated with an average score of 4.4 in a five-point Likert scale, where a score of four represents 'good' and a score of five represents 'excellent'

8% ⚠️

8% of attendees at Gambling Harm UK workshops have experienced significant past-year gambling harm, either harm from their own gambling or gambling harm from someone elses gambling in the household

80% 🙌 

80% of young people who attended Gambling Harm UK workshops said that they were less likely to suffer gambling harm as a result of the workshop (90% amongst those experiencing harm)

Our Workshops

1. Interactive
  • Created by experts following best practices in learning theory

  • Responsive high-impact learning in our in-person workshops using Audience Response Clicker tech and our virtual workshops using Mentimeter 

  • Young people led the design process to ensure that workshops are maximally impactful, useful and engaging

2. Meaningful
  • Provide an authentic insight into the journey of addiction

  • Grounded exploration of the causes, risk factors, catalysts, and the harms through discussions

  • Considerate discussion of harms that can often get overshadowed but occur before a crisis

3. Novel
  • A range of original and newly created media including a short-film and animated explainer videos

  • Complement different learning styles including audio, visual, reading, and writing

  • Accompanied with asynchronous content and signposting literature

4. Representative
  • Reflective of a deep and considerate understanding of gambling-harm shame and stigma

  • Delivered by a diverse team of individuals to reflect the diverse nature of the communities that we are seeking to make an impact

5. High-impact
  • Designed by leading experts across a range of different gambling-harm and health-education backgrounds

  • Builds a solid foundation in understanding addictions and the harms from them through a holistic consideration for the factors that lead to and result from gambling-harm and how harm can be prevented or mitigated

6. Authentic
  • Built on the most up to date evidence-based understanding of education across gambling-harm, alcohol, and substances

  • Created by a team who has either lived experience or expert knowledge of gambling harm or both

  • Reflective discussion of industry strategies from marketing to design

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