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Medical Education Advisory Board Member

United Kingdom

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As a Medical Education Advisory Board member for Gambling Harm UK, your mission is to lead and facilitate developing and implementing novel medical education initiatives on gambling harm to health care professionals. Our efforts are aimed at upskilling healthcare professionals in recognizing, addressing, and mitigating the adverse health effects of gambling harm. 

Through strategic collaborations, innovative curriculum designs, and effective dissemination, you will play a pivotal role in enhancing the capacity of healthcare providers to identify and support individuals affected by gambling harm. 

Importantly, gambling harm can be viewed through several different medical education lenses including clinical communication, public health, child protection and paediatrics, psychiatry, ethics, and general practice.

About the Role

Advise on Curriculum Development: Collaborate with the team to shape and enhance gambling harm education content for medical students and healthcare professionals. 

Evaluate Existing Programs: Assess the effectiveness of current educational initiatives and recommend improvements based on your expertise. 

Develop Educational Resources: Contribute to the creation of educational materials, including guides, presentations, and case studies, to support medical education on gambling harm. 

Provide Insights: Share your lived experiences or professional expertise to help our organization better understand the needs of individuals affected by gambling harm. 

Participate in Meetings: Attend regular advisory board meetings (virtual or in-person) to discuss progress, challenges, and strategies for advancing our mission. 

Advocacy and Awareness: Support our advocacy efforts to raise awareness about gambling harm and its impact on public health. 

About the Charity

Gambling Harm UK is a UK charity that has been built independently by individuals with lived experience. Our purpose is to utilise lived experience of gambling-harm to help guide gambling-harm prevention strategies. We established as C.I.C in 2020 following the success of the All Bets Are Off Podcast. Since then, the team has grown and so has efforts and our commitment to transparently spearhead impact across research, education, and treatment.

We have recently become a charity (CIO) by conversion from C.I.C status. The trustees of the charity, in order of appointment, are: Kishan Patel, Christopher Gilham, Marie-Claire Conlin, Lesley Buckland, and Craig Spencer.

The object of the CIO are:
‘The relief of those who are in need as a result of a gambling addiction or gambling related harm and their families through:

a. Improving and providing education towards matters relating to gambling harm and addictions by using an evidence based public health approach, with a focus on discussions on recovery of those suffering harm;

b. Improving the health of those suffering from gambling harm by promoting addiction recovery, the mitigation of harm, and preventing harm in the first place through the development and dissemination of insights, advice and support;

c. By engaging with and/or conducting evidence-based research that helps to further understand gambling harm and addictions’.

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