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Lived Experience Access Fund (LEAF)

Gambling Harm UK and Thrive Recovery have been selected to administer LEAF on behalf of the Academic Forum for the Study of Gambling and Greo Evidence Insights. 

Our mission with LEAF is to empower individuals who have experienced gambling harm to be maximally involved in research.

LEAF is currently not accepting applications as we are looking to make a few improvements. We plan to be back open later this year. Please contact Steve Sharman if you have any questions.

How will LEAF empower lived experience research?


Upskilling and development

We will allocate funds to cover costs of research upskilling and development opportunities such as courses, seminars, e-learning, and more.


Removing access barriers

We will allocate funds to eliminate access barriers, including expenses such as event tickets, travel, accommodation, and other related costs.

Our Selection Criteria

1. Lived Experience
  • The beneficiary must have lived experience of gambling harm

2. Timeline
  • The project must be completed within the grant year’s timeline

3. Alignment
  • The beneficiary must demonstrate commitment to involvement in GH research

4. Potential impact
  • The opportunity must enhance applicant’s knowledge, skills, and capacity to be involved in research

5. Value for money
  • The cost of the opportunity should not hinder other individuals from benefitting from LEAF.

6. Uniqueness
  • We will prioritise opportunities that are unique in enhancing research involvement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do we take to assess applications and provide a response?

We aim to assess applications as soon as they come through. We'd like to advise that the usual timeframe for the LEAF panel to assess, make a decision, and inform applicants would be within 14 working days of application receipt.

What's the largest amount that LEAF can fund?

We have a limited amount of funds to distribute across the year. We have not set a maximum that can be applied for. However, applications will be assessed, on a case by case basis, on the potential impact of the opportunity and whether the cost would impede others from benefitting from LEAF. Applications that have a sizable cost to them may take a little longer than our usual 14 working day timeframe for a decision as they will likely involve input from an external panel member.

Once a decision has been made, how long will it take for funds to be distributed?

This may take up to 14 working days. Usually it would be much quicker than this as we aim to make payments as soon as we receive payment information.

Do you have a question or would you like to discuss an opportunity before sending in an application, email us at

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