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PGHDC Education and Awareness Expert

Greater London and the Home Counties

Job Type



As an Education and Awareness Expert at Gambling Harm UK (Charity Number: 1196538), you will be responsible for delivering our 'Preventing Gambling Harms in Diverse Communities' workshops to young people in Diverse Communities in Greater London and the Home Counties. 

Education and Awareness Experts will work within the PGHDC team at GHUK, consisting of a full-time project manager and a full-time Project Officer, to attend client venues and deliver impactful workshops on gambling harm. Following the delivery of workshops, Education and Awareness Experts will be responsible for the collection and return of completed evaluation and feedback forms.

We're proud of this first-of-its-kind initiative to raise awareness of and reduce harm in disproportionately affected communities. We're also proud of the content that we have developed and the results that our workshops have received so far - more information on this can be found on our website. 

Uniquely, our workshops reflect on harm to the individuals who gamble and others around those who gamble. Moreover, we're lucky to have had our content be developed by a talented team consisting of young people with lived experience; this means that our workshops are well received as they keep young people engaged with high-quality emotional audio-visual content. 

The role will be based primarily in Greater London and would suit someone who is able to commute across Greater London and the Home Counties.

About the Role

  • Delivery of high-impact education and awareness sessions to young people in diverse communities in Greater London and the Home Counties including the ability to answer questions with authentic insights from lived experience 

  • Increasing awareness of factors related to gambling harm including the role the industry has in encouraging addiction and harm, how harm can present in individuals who gamble and affected others, and how recovery from gambling harm can be achieved 

  • Building empathy and tackling stigma around mental health, addictions, and gambling harm in young people 

  • Inspiring, motivating, and coaching young people as a positive mental health role-model 

  • Travel to and from client sites in Greater London and the Home Counties (with expenses covered by GHUK) 

  • Responsibility for maximising the collection of feedback and evaluation data and for sending this data in its original form for processing by the Project Manager or Project Officer 

  • Collaboratively and positively working as part of a team consisting of other expert facilitators, a Project Manager, and a Project Officer

About the Charity

Gambling Harm UK is a UK charity that has been built independently by individuals with lived experience. Our purpose is to utilise lived experience of gambling-harm to help guide gambling-harm prevention strategies. We established as C.I.C in 2020 following the success of the All Bets Are Off Podcast. Since then, the team has grown and so has efforts and our commitment to transparently spearhead impact across research, education, and treatment.

We have recently become a charity (CIO) by conversion from C.I.C status. The trustees of the charity, in order of appointment, are: Kishan Patel, Christopher Gilham, Marie-Claire Conlin, Lesley Buckland, and Craig Spencer.

The object of the CIO are:
‘The relief of those who are in need as a result of a gambling addiction or gambling related harm and their families through:

a. Improving and providing education towards matters relating to gambling harm and addictions by using an evidence based public health approach, with a focus on discussions on recovery of those suffering harm;

b. Improving the health of those suffering from gambling harm by promoting addiction recovery, the mitigation of harm, and preventing harm in the first place through the development and dissemination of insights, advice and support;

c. By engaging with and/or conducting evidence-based research that helps to further understand gambling harm and addictions’.

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