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Embedded: The Gambling Industry in British Politics

Steve Donoughue's role is emblematic of a wider relationship between British politics and the gambling industry, making it one of the best-connected sectors in Westminster. Before the white paper was published, Carolyn Harris MP warned, "If you go to the bar [in parliament], you will probably see someone from that industry, and they're buying people drinks".[4] The gambling lobby was ever-present in Westminster and bolstered by a revolving door between politics and the gambling industry.

The BGC, for example, has the former Labour MP and shadow Secretary of State at DCMS Michael Dugher as CEO, veteran lobbyist Brigid Simmons, who was involved in the original Gambling Act in 2005, as Chairman, and hired the former editor of PoliticsHome Kevin Schofield to run its communication strategy.[6] Schofield joined the BGC in February 2020, and his arrival coincided with PoliticsHome hosting several articles written by BGC staffers or MPs on their behalf. Labelled as "partner content", these have included contributions by MPs John Spellar, Laurence Robertson and Grahame Morris, all of which emphasised the positive economic impact of the gambling industry.[17] BGC-sponsored posts have not been limited to PoliticsHome; others have included an article by Scott Benton in Conservative Home warning against "driving punters into the arms of the black market".[18]

The political connections of leading figures in the gambling industry have helped industry figures gain access to the corridors of power. Records of ministers' meetings show that BGC staff and DCMS officials met at least seven times between October and December 2020 alone, either side of the gambling review being announced.[6] Since January 2020, gambling organisations, including the BGC, have held more meetings with government ministers than the Gambling Commission, despite the latter being the official independent regulatory body.[19]

This access reflects the number of former political figures in the gambling industry. A recent investigation found that the Gamblers Consumer Forum, a group which claims to represent the voice of gamblers and attacked the gambling review's proposed reforms, was co-owned by Andrew Woodman, a former staffer to the controversial Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen, Abbie MacGregor, a former Conservative council candidate and parliamentary researcher to two MPs, and the Secretariat to the now-disbanded APPG on Betting and Gaming, Steve Donoughue.[20] Likewise, Entain, who paid Philip Davies a salary, had two of his former staff members in significant positions within the organisation. Entain's head of safer gambling and external affairs, Sophie Dean, worked for the Shipley MP from at least 2013-18, whilst their chief of corporate affairs, Grainne Hurst, worked as a parliamentary researcher for Davies between 2010 and 2012.[20] Whilst Davies' contract included a "no lobbying clause", MPs can have a significant impact on the passage of legislation. As sports minister, Tracey Crouch MP believed that pro-gambling MPs had been instrumental in securing a delay to the policy of restricting FOBT stakes.[6] According to Crouch, it was after a meeting with Philip Davies that Secretary of State at DCMS Jeremy Wright advocated delaying change from April to October 2019.[6]

The gambling industry thus further embedded itself within politics while the Government's landmark review was being produced, entrenching its position as one of the best-connected industries in Westminster. The avalanche of gifts, hospitality and salary in this period, and the evident reduction since, show clearly that it was a central part of a strategy designed to influence the outcome of the gambling review.

There is a critical need to get answers from those with political and public influence who have accepted hospitality from the industry. We must learn lessons from the past, where lobbying has undermined public health issues and therefore demand more from MPs and the system to avoid actual or perceived conflicts of interest of this kind. 


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