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Gambling Harm UK (GHUK) – Funding Decisions

In December 2022, our charity name was changed from Gambling Education Network to Gambling Harm UK.

This change emerged from the trustees’ review of our work and a clearer understanding of the work we needed to do, in order to achieve the purpose of why the charity was established.

On adopting our ethics policy, we discussed the challenging topic of financing and whether we should remain on the Gambling Commissions RET list. At that point having received only a £500 unconditional RET contribution to date, we decided to remain on the list.

Recently we were approached by a gambling operator offering a £25,000 donation from their dormant balances. They asked us to raise an invoice so that they could make payment.

The charity’s trustees discussed this matter and decided against accepting this donation. Whilst the trustees recognised that the funding may have helped to reduce pressure on our staff, volunteers and helped us towards our aims in the short term, they agreed that it was also important to maintain confidence in our value to be independent from industry influence. This is especially pertinent given the NHS's decision to stop accepting industry funding and in the context of our goals in achieving a public health approach to gambling harm.

In discussing this offer, trustees also reflected on GHUK’s RET listing and decided remaining on this would not be appropriate. So as of the 21st September 2023, GHUK was removed from the RET list.

We thought it was important to share our decision with our members and with others within the charity sector.

Our decision is not intended to be critical of others who continue to remain on the RET list. GHUK’s trustees just believe it is the right decision for us.

Raising funds continues to be a challenge. Regardless of this, we believe that to fulfil our purpose, we need to achieve financial independence via other routes.

John Gilham CEO

Dr Kishan Patel Chair of Trustees


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