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Responding to gambling harm - developing capability

Updated: Mar 6

1. Introduction:

One of the three strands to Gambling Harm UK’s (GHUK) Strategic Model for responding to gambling harm is to Develop Capability. This along with Creating Connectivity and Maximising Capacity is part of creating the systematic approach required to respond to gambling harm as a public health issue.

One of the ways GHUK is looking to Develop Capability is through providing awareness sessions to health and other professionals so that with the further knowledge and information we help them to acquire, they become more informed and so more able to help those who approach them that are experiencing gambling harm.

Over the last month GHUK has attended two Time to Learn sessions for primary care practitioners across the Mid & South Essex Integrated Care System (M&SEICS) which has a resident population of 1.2 million. A further one is planned in December.

Responses to these awareness sessions have been extremely positive to date with over 50 primary care practitioners confirming that following the awareness session, they would change their clinical practice with immediate effect in order to support those affected directly or indirectly by gambling harm.

Following these two sessions, GHUK was approached by Dr Ajetunmobi who is a GP within (M&SEICS) to ask if we would run our awareness session for the GP trainees who he had a training responsibility for. After an initial one to one meeting with Dr Ajetunmobi the awareness session for the GP trainees was run last Wednesday 8th November 2023.

2. Feedback Results

Thirty-three of those GP trainees who attended the 90-minute awareness training session provided feedback on the value of the session. The questions asked and the organisation of the feedback were both determined by Dr Ajetunmobi.

Dr Ajetunmobi has kindly now forwarded these results onto me. These are shown below. The positive feedback and comments help to provide assurance to GHUK that the work we are delivering is seen of value by medical staff.

“Brilliant presentation on an interesting not commonly spoken about topic. I was really engaged throughout.”

GHUK would like to thank Dr Ajetunmobi for approaching us to provide our awareness training, which enables GHUK to take a further small step forward in helping to develop the future capability required to respond to gambling harm as a public health issue.

3. Feedback Output


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