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  • The Happiness Algorithm show

    I had listened to The Happiness Algorithm myself on numerous occasions, so when James Roast approached me to come on, I was chuffed. I got the opportunity to talk in-depth about my life from childhood to now and its challenges. The biggest challenge being myself. I talked about alcoholism, how that lead to gambling addiction, and dark times. I also spoke about the good times. Recovery, learning to share my emotions and the beauty in vulnerability. Click here to listen to the full episode.

  • The Sports Gazette: “The plan was win, press withdraw and kill myself so that they get the money”

    Callum Room (Twitter - @CallumRSport) got in touch during the first Covid-19 lockdown, having listened to the All Bets Are Off podcast. He was interested in writing an article about gambling-related harm and what the return of football might mean. I shared my addiction and recovery experiences, including starting the All Bets Are Off Podcast with Ryan, Kish, and Kelly back then. Then I spoke about gambling in football, how it is so normal now, and the ultimate risk, suicide! Click here to read more.

  • The RecoverMe App

    'RecoverMe' is a mobile application to help those who suffer from a gambling addiction. This app was designed with the help of psychologists, psychiatrists, and those others suffering from gambling addiction. As an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur, I could fully appreciate the value of a digital health solution towards gambling-harm could have. And so it was a pleasure to get in touch with the amazing junior doctor team of Tejus and Minal and Adil.

  • YouTube Casino Streamers

    Until April 2019 and the two-pound cap on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, I had never played an online slot machine. Don’t get me wrong, I played an awful lot of online blackjack and dabbled in roulette too, but never had I spun a virtual slot with my own money. But from the very day that I could no longer max-spin £100 on the roulette in the bookies, I began plotting as to where I could find my next regular hit, and that’s what led to my online slots. Although I had encountered problems with fruit machines in my younger days, I was never really drawn to slots. Looking back now, it’s probably because I imagined that the stakes would be too low for me (how wrong that would later prove), and so I just always avoided them, except for the occasional time when I got offered free spins and nothing much ever came of them. A couple of days after the FOBT cap was introduced, I began researching gambling streams on YouTube and came across ‘Chipmonkz Slots’ and some other streamers, and I quickly became enamoured with it all. I saw the sums of money that could be won playing £2-£5 stakes and thought I’d give it a bash myself. I didn’t rush into straight away mind; I wrote a short list of games out that I had enjoyed watching them play before I set off on my maiden voyage. Much like my first interaction with an FOBT, my experience was a positive one – within 35 spins on a £2 stake, I landed a bonus on a game called Danger High Voltage and won over £1800. And from that moment, I was hooked, and soon after, I would soon be spending £10-£20 per spin, and the frequency of it was like nothing I had ever experienced. At £20 stake, 50 spins (£1000) could be lost within two-and-a-half minutes, and although I often spun 4-digit sums at roulette tables, nothing came close to the thrill of hunting for bonuses. Online slots became all-consuming - if I wasn’t playing them myself, I would be watching streamers play them and gaining insights on new games etc. Recently I spoke to writer and editor George Cooper regarding slot steamers and affiliate marketing for an article published earlier today. Click here to see the article.

  • Geeky Medics: Tackling Gambling - The Social Epidemic

    Kishan, a 5th Year Medical Student at Imperial College London, wrote a blog titled 'Tackling Gambling – The Social Epidemic.' In this article, Kishan makes the case to medical students that gambling should be considered holistically as part of the social history in routine medical care. To learn more, visit

  • Gambling With Lives documentary about Gambling & Lockdown

    I took part in this short documentary that addresses the consequences of lockdown and how this can negatively impact individuals who suffer from a gambling addiction. It also features Matt Zarb-Cousin, Henrietta Bowden-Jones, Danny Cheetham, and Martin Paterson. Click here to watch on YouTube.

  • The All Bets Are Off Podcast

    Exciting news! In April 2020, the All Bets Are Off Podcast released the first-ever episode of their gambling addiction recovery podcast. For more information or to listen in to the podcast, check out:

  • Monzo Blog: “How I beat my gambling addiction and started paying off £100,000 in debt”

    As a Monzo account holder myself, I was delighted to share my experiences with Kate Hollowood (Twitter - @katehollowood). We hurried up the blog's release to make sure it was published as early as possible during the lockdown. In the blog, I share my gambling and recovery experiences and highlight how Monzo has helped me rebuild my financial independence. Monzo was one of the first banks to introduce a gambling blocker, and I regularly recommend them to others. Click here to read the full article.

  • BBC HOOKED: The Unexpected Addicts

    A notification went off on my phone in my pocket. I was in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at the time, and I couldn’t check it. Upon leaving the meeting, I pulled the phone out of my pocket. The message was from Melissa Rice, one of the hosts of BBC Hooked: The Unexpected Addicts, asking me if I wanted to appear on their next episode. I responded with a big “yes, yes, yes” straight away. This was a great opportunity for me to appear on a podcast that I had listened to religiously. Wednesday mornings were BBC Hooked morning. This podcast has helped many in recovery and has made big steps in breaking the stigma associated with addiction. This episode, “Your Stories,” includes me and another guest, Grace, talking with Melissa and Jade (Wye) about our personal experiences. Once you have listened to this episode, I urge you to listen to the others. This podcast is a real gamechanger. Melissa and Jade are awesome and inspired me to get involved with All Bets Are Off. Click here to listen to the episode.

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