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Aik Saath Workshop

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

As news broke yesterday of our new education programme in collaboration with YGAM, Red Card Gambling Support Project CIC and Clearview Research (click here for news item), the Gambling Harm UK team was delivering a remote workshop centering around gambling and gaming harm to young people from Slough-based charity Aik Saath. Who are Aik Saath?

The words "Aik Saath" mean "Together As One" in Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. They also embody the ethos of the charity. Aik Saath believes in working together for positive social change. Their mission is to work with people from all communities, faiths and backgrounds to promote and encourage conflict resolution and community cohesion through training, campaigns and projects.

Purpose The two-hour delivery, inclusive of in-built focus groups, was separate to our collaborative rollout which is due to begin in the coming months. The primary purpose of this session was to both raise awareness and address the issue of gambling harm and to greater understand the service provision gaps from a young ethnic minority persons perspective to help us shape future content, talks and overarching projects. We would like to thank all of the young people for their input into this session. They appeared to be engaged and impassioned on the subject and their consultation and feedback will play a key role for GHUK moving forward.


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