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Bishop Ramsey Church of England School.

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Our long-awaited delivery to Bishop Ramsey Church of England School was successfully completed on Friday 4th March 2022. Dani Williams who organised the programme and delivery of the 'Preventing Gambling Harm in Diverse Communities' initiative, was one of our earliest bookings. When we were new to this area, I was thrilled to find that Dani was willing to learn more about gambling harm, and she showed a keen interest in enlightening students at the school she teaches. This allowed us to arrange this school booking six months in advance. Despite some technical difficulties on the day, each of the 150 students took away vital solutions to preventing gambling harm and gained in-depth knowledge on the subject.

I was pleased to be at the forefront of this, and I hope to have a more significant impact on the rest of the school. Thank you, Bishop Ramsey, for believing in Gambling Harm UK and our work.


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