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BBC HOOKED: The Unexpected Addicts

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

A notification went off on my phone in my pocket. I was in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at the time, and I couldn’t check it.

Upon leaving the meeting, I pulled the phone out of my pocket. The message was from Melissa Rice, one of the hosts of BBC Hooked: The Unexpected Addicts, asking me if I wanted to appear on their next episode.

I responded with a big “yes, yes, yes” straight away.

This was a great opportunity for me to appear on a podcast that I had listened to religiously. Wednesday mornings were BBC Hooked morning. This podcast has helped many in recovery and has made big steps in breaking the stigma associated with addiction.

This episode, “Your Stories,” includes me and another guest, Grace, talking with Melissa and Jade (Wye) about our personal experiences.

Once you have listened to this episode, I urge you to listen to the others. This podcast is a real gamechanger.

Melissa and Jade are awesome and inspired me to get involved with All Bets Are Off.

Click here to listen to the episode.


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