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Pioneering gambling-harm in Medical Education

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Osmosis empowers over one million learners around the world with a better understanding of medicine and health topics.

Although gambling-harm is increasingly recognised as a public health issue by experts, wider awareness and understanding have been limited for many reasons. One of the most significant issues facing gambling-harm awareness is the lack of education, training, and healthcare professionals' guidelines.

Despite gambling-harm having such a profound impact on the quality of life of individuals (both gamblers and non-gamblers who are affected by someone else's gambling) and the burden of gambling-harm, on a population-level, being as significant as the harm that is attributable to alcohol or even tobacco, we've heard many times that Doctors don't have a clue.

Gambling Harm UK has been working hard to change this, and we're pleased to say that our first piece of work with Osmosis has reached fruition. We hope that this builds a foundation for more work in this incredibly neglected area of health.

Additionally, Gambling Harm UK has also worked with Geeky Medics to further understanding of gambling-harm.

Geeky Medics is a platform that receives over 2 million views each month from a global community of medical students, doctors, paramedics, nurses, pharmacists, physician associates and educators.

Gambling now features as part of the social history for many different medical education articles on the Geeky Medics platform. These include:

Gambling also now features on the OSCE checklists for Medical Students:

OSCEs or Objective Structured Clinical Exams are the ‘practical’ exam of medical school. It aims to prepare students for the clinical and communication aspects of becoming a doctor.

At the time of writing, NICE has not yet scheduled work on guidelines on Gambling. We hope this changes soon!

We'd like to give our thanks to everyone at the Osmosis and Geeky Medics teams who have worked with us in bringing about this step change. And also a special thanks to Shiv Gaglani (CEO of Osmosis) and Dr Lewis Potter (CEO of Geeky Medics) for encouraging the work on gambling-harm education.

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Gambling harm is increasing day by day and i appreciate the effort you made in overcoming this issue. I will share this article with william bentick and hope he can make use of this article to make life better.

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