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Self-exclusion in Great Britain

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

We present a discussion on the process of GB self-exclusion methods across:

  • Online gambling

  • Betting shops

  • Casino

  • Adult Gaming Centres

  • Bingo


  1. Individuals should be able to self-exclude without having to enter gambling premises (3.5.2:2)


  • A free online form that takes a "few minutes" on (Effective within 24 hours)

  • Phone the MOSES team (8 am to 12 am) & send documents by post or email

  • Visit a UK land-based casino

  • Download & print form to be completed by hand and then emailed or posted

  • Visit an Adult Gaming Centre

  • Phone an Adult Gaming Centre

  • Non-bacta members should contact bacta on e-mail or by phone

  • Attend local bingo club or licensed bingo premises, explain and interview, take pictures, and assist in completing an online self-exclusion form.


  • Contact licensed bingo premises by phone or website


  • "Contact The Bingo Association, who will give them the telephone number of their club or licensed bingo premises. To start the process, a customer should complete the form below. Following receipt, a staff member from the Association will contact the customer (usually within 2 working days)."

Summary of UK self-exclusion

  • Two out of five self-exclusion groups are independent of contact with industry (online and betting shops)

  • One out of five self-exclusion groups involve a method that is quick and available 24/7 (online)

  • No self-exclusion method is clearly and easily advertised as available in multiple languages.


  • A systematic review of 16 original studies published over 1997-2017 found that self-exclusion barriers need to be reduced.

  • In line with the evidence, we also perceive industry-modifiable barriers to self-exclusion in availability and accessibility for the UK consumer, which we suggest are:

  1. Independence from gambling

  2. Perceived complexity

  3. Perceived chance of success

  4. Perceived time spent

  5. Language barriers

  6. Time restrictions (A lack of a 24/7 service)

In particular, we note that the description for self-exclusion to Casino's states that the form must be printed and signed by hand (despite law on e-signatures)


  • We recommend that fit-for-purpose self-exclusion schemes be independent of gambling activity or representation, devoid of unnecessary verbosity and complexity, available at any time and in any language.

  • Barriers in self-exclusion schemes, for all types of gambling except for online gambling, need to be urgently addressed using a simple online technology-based solution such as an online form (at minimal cost or specialist ability)


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